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Roxanne Kise Consulting, (RKC) is a Certified New York State Women Business Enterprise that specializes in collaborative and innovative community development. We seek to achieve open and productive communication channels through public and private relationships that build strong community alliances. Our success is built from years of experience, dedication and hands-on client services.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world."

Margaret Mead


RKC Services

What We Do

We work with non-for-profits, local development companies, municipalities, merchant associations and more.
RKC identifies and meets your needs by targeting understandable and realistic goals. Once a goal is met, we know the work is not over! At Roxanne Kise Consulting we strive to provide clients with the tools they need to be self-advocates for their community and/or organization in the future.

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Community Development

We work with established economic and community organizations to help recognize and utilize existing assets and untapped resources. These “mined resources” can then be used to develop a synergistic and collaborative community development organization. The end-game is always to enable our clients to create opportunities for growth within their organization while managing challenges.

Strategic Planning

RKC works closely with an organization’s key stakeholders to identify strategic needs. We then develop appropriate plans to highlight assets and opportunities in a manner that encourages community investment through a client’s identified goals. Together, we explore how both internal and public communication strategies can be used as a tool to advance goals and work plans.

Implementation Planning
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Non-For-Profit Start Ups and Capacity Building

We work one-on-one with clients to assess the needs of their community development organization or start-up. Through conversations, SWOT analyses, use of existing master plans and comprehensive assessments, we identify logical allies and the relationships necessary to succeed. Then, we collaboratively work together with the client to create a grass top and grassroots organization that addresses challenges, obstacles and outside threats.

Event Coordination

Small and medium event coordination is available. Our clients use our boutique event services as way to implement marketing and communication plans or as volunteer/employee recognition programs.



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